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Stained Glass

Stained glass windows in Cardiff

At The Decorative Glass & Glazing Company Ltd in Cardiff, we supply and install new stained glass windows and doors as well as offering a repair service. A stained glass window adds extra privacy and unique beauty to your home. Perhaps you are considering leaded glass sidelights in a hall, an entryway or a staircase – or as a feature in a living room window, or even a coloured skylight.

Close up of stained glass window
Art Nouveau stained glass window in Hradec Kralove.

In the past, stained glass windows were produced by fixing small pieces of coloured glass together with lead strips and soldering them. This method does still exist, although modern overlay techniques give a high quality, attractive and cost-effective result that is almost indistinguishable from older methods. Minster glass can be used to provide a mottled and semi-opaque look, with diffused light and textured colours; many people find it very visually appealing. Other possibilities include frosted or Stippolyte glass, which are semi-opaque.

Overlaid single sheet stained glass offers better thermal insulation properties than separate pieces; it can also be used with stronger types of glass, as required by modern building regulations.

glass facade
Stained-glass windows

There are also options to artificially age the lead soldering appearance with a choice of antique lead in dark brown or black. Natural, silver or gold effects are also available and there are hundreds of glass colours for you to choose from. Round windows and irregular shapes can also be catered for.

Stained glass doors in Cardiff

As well as specialising in stained glass windows, we also offer new and replacement stained glass doors, in addition to repairs and double glazing.

The overlay method of manufacturing stained glass can be used with toughened glass and double glazing, meaning that your stained glass doors are designed and made with extra safety and security. If the door panels are double-glazed, they also provide additional thermal insulation.

Nice window in an abandoned house
Decorative glass and glazing contact graphic

As well as residential properties, stained glass doors can also be installed in museums, churches and chapels of rest.

For domestic and commercial installations, we cover the Cardiff area and Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales. Rely on a friendly, efficient and professional service and make our specialist team your first call – we will be delighted to help. Simply call us on 01536 205777, or please click here and one of our team will call you back.