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Misted Glass Replacement Cardiff

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If you are a householder considering misted glass replacement or just seeking advice, or if you are considering glass repair in Cardiff and the South Wales area, look no further than the Decorative Glass & Glazing Company Ltd. The Decorative Glass & Glazing Company Ltd prides itself on its reputation of fast, efficient and reliable services, since 2001. The company offers free quotations on all work and comes highly recommended by customers over the past 15 years.

When a glass sealed unit breaks down, an increase of water vapour occurs between the panes. This is a natural occurrence caused by atmospheric conditions & weathering, during the lifetime of the unit. Decorative Glass & Glazing can solve this problem by the offending unit in your window.

misted glass with condensation
Misted glass with condensation and wooden frame

In addition to removing the condensation, the process ensures that the moisture does not return to its previous fogged up state. This ensures the householder has peace of mind, (as well as a clear view) at a mere fraction of the cost of replacing the entire double glazing unit. Not only is replacement financially less costly, but it costs less in environmental terms as well.

There is no need to bring waste glass from the old unit to the landfill, as would arise with replacing the glass. Nor is there excess waste material from the removal and installation process of misty glass replacement for Cardiff residents. Householders and homeowners choosing to pursue misted glass repair in Cardiff can rest assured that they are behaving with the utmost levels of ecological awareness and environmental responsibility.

Misted glass with condensation
Misted glass condensed water

In trade terms a misted glass is referred to as “broken down” glass. Broken down double glazing units can be caused by premature failure of the perimeter seal, possibly due to a manufacturing fault or else an installation error. The moisture itself is usually difficult to spot initially, until exposed by sunlight or another heat source which draws the moisture upwards as the internal atmospheric pressure changes, eventually condensing into water inside the double glazing unit. An inspection by a trained glass expert will ascertain if the root cause of the misting problem can be traced to the seal, rather than the glass itself. At times it may be necessary to replace the perimeter seal or frame, while keeping the original frame.