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Glass & Glazing Service Cardiff

Window repairs are some of the most common issues to address within your home. Unfortunately, they can also be quite challenging. Our glass service addresses all of these needs; particularly in relation to double-glazed units. Please note that these very same areas can be addressed regarding a commercial property. So, what types of glass and glazing services are available through Decorative Glass & Glazing Company Ltd. and why we have a growing number of residents chosen our team of trained experts to address their individual needs?

diagram showing insulation properties of window glazing
Window glazing manufacture panel on conveyor at manufacturing facility

Glazing Services in Cardiff

We are happy to service many traditional glazed windows. This can range from repairing a pane of broken glass to replacing double glazed window units that have become misty due to the entrance of moisture between the individual panes. As no job is too big or too small for our professional technicians, property owners can expect nothing but the most reliable of services. Please note that we also offer a preventative maintenance option. This is an excellent method to discover any small problems before they have the chance to evolve into decidedly larger concerns. This can likewise save a great deal of money and effort in the future.

Attention to Detail

We are well aware that the needs of no two homeowners are ever alike. Some may require a set of wooden windows to be repaired for aesthetic reasons while a commercial property could require an entirely new set of UPVC frames to be installed in a timely fashion. We will therefore base our approach to each task around what the client requires. As double glazing provides excellent acoustic and thermal benefits, it is quite common for such windows to be desired. These are only a few examples of what our glass services in Cardiff can provide the property owner.

White painted wooden frame double glazing cross section showing construction
Cross section of double glazing window construction with wooden frame

More Than Windows Alone

Keep in mind that many of our glazing services in Cardiff can be used when addressing doors. Once again, this is excellent for those who have been searching for a company that is able to provide a well-rounded selection of options. Should you require maintenance or even an entire replacement of any glass windows and doors, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will be pleased to describe how we undergo such projects in more detail. This can help you to make the most appropriate decisions possible.